Saint John Abbey, Müstair

Saint Ulrich Chapel at Saint John Abbey, Müstair (Switzerland)

As part of a research project on the Bern University of the Arts, the Saint Ulrich Chapel (Abbey of Saint John in Müstair) with its medieval mural paintings and stucco works was recorded.

For that purpose different 3D-scanning techniques were used.

  • First of all the structured light scanner Comet L3D (Steinbichler) enables the highest accuracy of measurement of the three techniques used. By recording the surfaces even the traces of surface processing and its fine structures can be documented in detail and a very high resolution.
  • The hand-operated, optical tracked laser scanner T-Scan 2 (Steinbichler), is ideal for the fast and thus precise recording of medium-sized objects.

In addition it is possible to texturize the scans to generate a realistic image of the object.

The project was realized by Format4plus GmbH.

Müstair Texturierter Artec-Scan.jpg
Müstair_L3D in Aktion.jpg
Müstair_T-Scan in Aktion.jpg